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NEWSLETTER - January 2015

Newsletter Jan 2015
Newsletter Jan 2015 pg2

Message from Chairman Mike Benten

Dear All

As you may know, work has been progressing to bring together health and social care services in North Derbyshire, to provide a co-ordinated service which will met individual needs and aim to reduce the amount of hospital stays as far as possible depending on clinical needs.  A key element of this project is to establish Community Hubs which will bring together all the relevant services including GPs, hospitals, ambulance services, social services etc.  This has been recognised as an aim for some time but there has been only limited detail as to exactly what these will do and how they will operate.  Proposals are now being crystallised and a series of public meetings are being arranged for people to learn about what is proposed and to have their say on these proposals.  The dates for our nearest meetings are 12 March at Bakewell Agricultural Centre, 16 March at Proact Stadium Chesterfield (both from 6 to 8.30 pm). Others are being held at Dronfield, Bolsover, Brimington, North Wingfield, Buxton and Whaley Bridge – I can let you have details if you wish.

I hope to go to the Bakewell meeting and can offer transport.  If other members are planning to go and can also offer lifts, please let others in the group know.  Also if anyone would like to go but would need transport please let me know and I will try to put you in contact with potential lift providers. Unfortunately it is only 2 days after our next meeting so it would be useful to contact people in advance of this.

This is our chance to have a say about one of the most important changes (and hopefully improvements) to the way our health and social care needs are met in the future. There is no restriction on how many from our group can attend, and I would encourage as many as possible to go along.

Best wishes


Don't fancy exercising in the gym ?


Then why not try 'Nordic Walking' ?


Nicky Parsons

Nordic Walking ?

It is a very suitable form of exercise for cardiac patients because it is a more productive form of exercise than ordinary walking. The use of poles by the upper body during walking increases the stride length and:
  • cardio-effective exercise (modest intensity exercise) is achieved more easily even when walking on the flat because of the upper body involvement.
  • because the poles provide more stability and support, participants unused to exercise or with balance difficulties, have the confidence to achieve the faster walking speeds necessary for effective cardio-protective exercise.
  • Use of the upper and lower body at the same time results in a higher rate of energy consumption over shorter time than walking and is therefore an aid to greater weight loss.
  • the use of poles also enables the upper body to take some of the weight of the body off the hips, knees and ankles, making it a more acceptable form of exercise for those with joint problems
  • Nordic Walking increases muscular strength over the whole body (upper and lower body, core and back), increasing confidence and independence.
Why not give it a go ? - Special classes for cardiac patients and their partner/carer are now available in Matlock


"Nordic Walking" Cardiac Classes will re-commence in Hall Leys Park (Matlock) in April 2012, meeting at the bandstand as usual.

The courses for 2015 are:

April 6, 13, 20, 27    -    May 4, 11, 18, 25    -    June none    -    July 6, 13, 20, 27

The sessions will be on exactly the same basis as last year - £12 for four sessions to include the use of poles – and hopefully we can have a cuppa afterwards if people would like that.  All folk wanting to start MUST contact Nicky beforehand and they MUST get permission from their GP’s to start the sessions. The first of the four sessions starts on Monday 2nd April  Meet at the Bandstand at 9-30 am.

Please check with Nicky, who runs the course, on 01629 582291 or email her on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get more information.

Below are images from 2010 courses   -   Click on images to enlarge
nw-1.jpg nw-1.jpg nw-1.jpg nw-1.jpg nw-1.jpg


MatlockLive (Arts Group) Matlockathon 2010

Matlock Live consists of a group of local professional and community arts organisations and individuals from the Matlock area who are committed to extending and building an interest in the visual and performing arts.  Its purpose is to encourage local arts organisations and individuals to work together to promote engagement in the visual and performing arts seeks to provide a range of opportunities for local groups and individuals.

The 'Matlockathon' was Matlock's first creative marathon held in Hall Leys Park, Matlock, on Sunday 12th August 2012 as part of an Arts Festival. A 300 metre course was laid out on the grass in the park and groups were invited to take part in a relay around the course, each group carrying a 'torch' whilst performing something connected with the group.  Most groups chose to progress through 100 or 200 metres but Dales Heart chose to do the full 300 metres whilst demonstrating Nordic Walking.  The group called itself 'The Cardiac Warriors' and wore specially made sashes and bandanas adorned with hearts.

The following photographs were taken by Pat Parsons.     (click on photograph to enlarge)


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Christmas Dinner (8th December 2010)

One again the Christmas Dinner was held at the Duke William Inn, Starkholmes, but unlike last year when there was heavy snow and ice, the day was quite mild and sunny.  Twentyfour members and their partners  attended accompanied with much animated chatter. Greetings and cards were exchanged as we all sat down eagerly awaiting the repast.

The three course meal was excellent. A wide choice of starter, main course and sweet was available and each person had a Christmas cracker to pull, after which most wore the obligatory paper hat! The meal was rounded off with a raffle. A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all. Thanks go to Geoff for all his hard work in organising the event.

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christmas 2011-1 christmas 2011-1 christmas 2011-1 christmas 2011-1

christmas 2011-1 christmas 2011-1 christmas 2011-1

26th July 2009

Walk along the river Derwent at Calver (22nd July 2009)

calver walk.jpgA group of eight members met at Calver Bridge at 10-30 am equiped with rainproofs and umbrellas ready for the rain that had been forecast but in the event they were not required!



calver walk.jpgThe walk started at a gentle pace across a field to the bank of the river Derwent and then along a well marked stoney path amid trees and lush undergrowth. Rain the previous day had made the path rather muddy and slippery in places but the rain stayed away. Other walkers we met along the way were greeted with a cheery "Good morning".


calver walk.jpgCrossing a small footbrige took us back along the opposite bank as far as the road bridge from where we retraced our steps back to Calver bridge. A very welcome conclusion to a lovely leisurely walk was lunch in the Bridge Hotel at Calver.

29th July 2009

Day Trip to Arley Hall on 28th July 2009

Think “historic house” and you probably think “National Trust”, or at least “Chatsworth”. As members discovered there are other delightful properties besides these more obvious ones.

We arrived during the morning, and those who ventured straight into the gardens had the opportunity to explore a series of different garden areas whilst it was still dry!

With scented garden, herbaceous garden, wild areas and formal planting, this is a garden of superb quality, on an intimate scale – recognisable as a family garden, but with much to explore for the paying visitor.

The house too is on a more intimate scale than some of the better nationally known historic houses.

The rooms are very accessible, with friendly and knowledgeable guides, and with family photographs (rather than just the “official” portraits) we were always conscious that the family still lives there, and it is clearly a much-loved home.

Add to this a super restaurant (the Old Barn) in one half of a cruck barn, and it made the perfect day out, despite some afternoon rain.

Viscount and Viscountess Ashbrook open the house and garden on Tuesday, Sunday and Bank Holidays between 22nd March and 27th September 2009, and we felt privileged to be able to visit. [click on photos to enlarge]

arley.jpg arley.jpg arley.jpg arley.jpg arley.jpg

arley.jpg arley.jpg arley.jpg arley.jpg arley.jpg

Visit to the Black Country Museum - 15th September 2009

Members and friends enjoyed a very enjoyable day out when they visited the Black Country Museum, near Dudley for the day. An early morning start by coach from Matlock produced a day of reminiscences and experiences as members walked through the streets and saw life in the 1800s being recreated.


Some members donned hard hats, which were very necessary, and walked through a typical small coalmine in near darkness to see the hard working conditions of the time.


A walk along the main street was like being back in time with the sweet shop where old fashioned sweets could be bought, the milliners, the hardware shop with its tin baths and possers, the tiny fish and ship shop where there was a constant queue waiting to be served with fish and chips in paper, the pub, the chapel, the small houses with outside toilets and many more besides.


The half hour lesson in school was certainly an experience, sitting in rather small desks and being taught by a very strict ma'm contrasted with today's laxity. Sitting up straight with arms folded in silence poor Bernie was called a hussy and a fallen woman during hand inspection for wearing nail varnish, Denys was harangued and told to stay in after school for dirty finger nails and Ivy was sent to stand in the corner for not giving a correct answer. The class was taught the two-times table and all had to learn joined up writing using a slate.


A fascinating trip on a narrow boat through the tunnels in the limestone rock of the area completed a wonderful day back in time at the museum.

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bcm.jpg bcm.jpg bcm.jpg bcm.jpg

bcm.jpg bcm.jpg bcm.jpg bcm.jpg

bcm.jpg bcm.jpg bcm.jpg bcm.jpg



Isle of Wight Holiday

5th - 12th June 2010



Early in the morning of the 5th of June, a Hulley’s coach picked up passengers from the Matlock and Wirksworth areas and set off for Southampton. 25 people were on the coach of which 13 were club members. It was a nice sunny day and we reached Southampton an hour early and were lucky to get an earlier ferry across to the Isle of Wight. Our destination was the Burlington Hotel in Sandown on the south coast of the island.


We settled in and at dinner everyone was pleased with their accommodation. The hotel plied us with a four course meal for the next seven nights. We had a different menu every night and although the meals were very good, there were complaints by the end of the week. There was too much food and waist bands were expanding! We feasted well but dieting was on the cards after the holiday.


Coach trips were arranged for the Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We visited various places of interest, e.g. the Oriental Pearl, Arreton Barns and Needles shopping centres, the villages of Yarmouth and Godsill, East Cowes and Ryde.


On our free days, the members armed with their Gold Cards set off to view other attractions like the Botanical Gardens at Ventnor, Osborne House, Isle of Wight Steam Railway and the Zoo. Some just enjoyed the beach which was only a stone’s throw from the hotel.


Weather wise we were very lucky with some hot sunny days with only the Thursday spoiling the holiday with heavy rain for the whole afternoon.


Sadly holidays seem to be quickly over and early on the Saturday we retraced our journey back to Derbyshire. We were home in time for tea.


Everyone enjoyed the holiday and club members commented that they got to know the members in the club. Something that is missing in our monthly meetings.


Sadly Des and Linda were not able to come on the holiday which is unfortunate after all the hard work they put in on the arrangements. A special vote of thanks to both of them for arranging such a wonderful holiday. [Tony Holmes]

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