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Case History 1

Case History 1Denys had a career in teaching Physics in secondary schools and finally for 20 years as a lecturer in a College of Education. He retired in 1980 at the age of 54. He writes:

"It was over 25 yrs ago whilst on holiday in Italy that I first had severe chest pains when walking. On return home I was diagnosed with having angina. Long walks were out, heavy exercise was out, active holidays were out and the car was used more and more. With daily medication and a drastic change in lifestyle I survived the next 23 years by resting and admiring the scenery whenever the chest pains came back.

Then in 2005 the angina became unstable and medication could not be increased further. Often I could only walk short distances before having to stop. Life looked like being even more onerous. I was lucky to obtain an early Angiogram investigation but shattering news came at its conclusion when the specialist announced "I'm sorry you are not going home, an operation on your heart is scheduled for next week".

One week later after having open-heart surgery requiring 5 by-passes and a repair to the Mitral valve I came home to begin convalescence. What could I do? What musn't I do? How is my life going to change again? I was conscious of every little twinge. I was aware of my heartbeat and every little flutter or uneveness made me worried that something was going wrong again. But then I began to regain my self confidence through the cardiac rehab provided and finally I found 'Dales Heart'. There I have found a lovely group of people who have had similar heart problems and with whom I can relate and feel at ease. My confidence has been restored and I feel like I used to feel 30 years ago except my three score years and twenty body no longer responds quite as well as it did to what the mind wants it to do! How lovely not to have the chest pains again every time I exert myself. I feel life has started again and there is still so much to do."

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