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How Does It Start?

It probably starts with a pain in the chest. It’s a nuisance, it’s probably indigestion, and it’s not necessarily much of a pain, perhaps it will go away. But it doesn’t go away. And it gets worse. Your initial irritation gives way to worry, then to a real concern or even fear.

A heart attack, or any other heart malfunction, can be more than a physical shock to the system. It can severely dent your confidence; what you once took for granted as being a normal activity can become a dark, unknown and possibly frightening prospect. It affects your partner, spouse or carer as well as you. In fact, for most of us after such an event, life does return to normal. Of course, you are more careful about your lifestyle, and you will have new medication, which you will have to take for the rest of your life. But otherwise things will eventually get back to something like they were before you had the heart problem.

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